Accreditation as Underwater Caver

As a result of lack of understanding of its specificities, Speleological Exploration by the means of cave diving has become difficult or is on the verge to become impossible in some countries. To obtain authorizations, Subaquatic Speleologists are asked to present certification cards issued by recreational commercial cave diving agencies.

To distinguish our Speleological practice from the recreational form of cave diving, the commission during the 2009 International Congress in Kerville/Tx (USA) thus has adopted the term of “Subaquatic Speleology” (Subaquatic Speleologist and Underwater Caver) to designate Speleologists that explore caves and artificial cavities by the means of dive gear.

It has also been decided to implement a formal accreditation to endorse Subaquatic Speleologists facing such situations. This accreditation ”Habilitation as Underwater Caver” is delivered by the President of the Cave Diving Commission of the UIS upon request.

To substantiate their request, applicants should prove that they are proficient with the skills and techniques of cave diving commonly used in their home country, submitting a complete* application file to the cave diving delegate of their Speleological Federation who will approve or disapprove their request.

The approved application file will be transmitted by the delegate by email to the President of the Cave Diving Commission of the UIS who will then deliver the accreditation documents to the applicants without charging any fees.

*   The application file must document a.o. the number of dives, the name of the caves, depth, distance and time as well as the equipment used like OC Air-Mixed Gaz or Rebreather

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