The Cave Diving Commission, besides the Cave Rescue Commission and the Materials and Techniques Commission, is one of the three commissions of the Exploration Department of the UIS.

The missions of the Cave Diving Commission are:

  • To help Subaquatic Speleologists to enhance and to share the values of Scientific Speleological Exploration achieved through the exploration of springs, submerged caves, sumps and water-filled artificial cavities.
  • To promote worldwide free access to exploration sites for Subaquatic Speleologists on a reciprocal basis between national Speleological Federations.
  • To help Speleological Federations to organise structured cave diving training courses and seminars for their affiliate members.
  • To accredit internationally such Subaquatic Speleologists that evidence proficiency in their country.

To achieve these goals the Cave Diving Commission develops and maintains relationships with the National Speleological Federations, with international regulatory authorities as well as with non governmental organisations in the area of environmental protection and cooperates with the other commissions within the UIS.

Board members for 2022-2025 are as follows:

  • President: Rodrigo Severo, Brazil <rsev@pm.me>
  • Vice President: Philippe Brunet, France <ph.brunet@free.fr>
  • Vice President: Manoel Soares, Portugal <mps.espeleo@sapo.pt>
  • Secretary: Uroš Akšamović, Serbia <ypow@sob.rs>

Past Presidents of the Board:

  • Maxime de Gianpietro, Switzerland 2013-2022
  • Philippe Brunet, France 2005-2013
  • Jean-Jacques Bolanz, Switzerland 1992-2005

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